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Brand Creation for James Idstein Consulting LLC

Have you ever heard a small business owner say, “I am working harder and longer than ever, but my profits and cash are the same." This is a common growing pain that many companies can related to—it's the awkward in-between stage when a business is too small to hire a full time CFO, but too large to handle its finances alone.

That's where James Idstein Consulting LLC comes in. Jim brings years of experience working for large companies, and he now provides CFO (Chief Financial Officer) outsourcing services to small to medium size businesses.  

While starting his own company, Jim found himself in the same place as many of his clients—lots to do, and knowing that he can't do everything himself. And one of the major needs was a visual identity, including a logo and social media graphics for his new business, and all the collateral to go with it.

So Jim hired Harvest Media to get the job the done. Our Small Business Brand Essentials Package was the perfect solution.

We started with an interview to learn about who Jim wants to reach, what problems he solves, and what sets him apart from other consultants, accountants, and outsourced CFO's.

One of the design challenges was to create a logo that looks like financial services, feels trustworthy and but does not seem too expensive.

We presented several drafts of different design directions. Jim loved them all, but ultimately settled on the initials. Monogram is a timeless choice and appropriate for financial and consulting. And like all good logos, it is simple, clean and versatile.

We were thrilled to partner with Jim on this project. He now has a beautiful brand that will set him apart, that he can promote with confidence.

… Being a brand-new company, I needed help with my logo and business card design. Based on their reputation, I chose Harvest Media to help me with this process. They have a small business brand essential package which was perfect for me. I wanted a professional looking logo and business cards and they exceeded my expectations. I am extremely happy with how everything turned out and would highly recommend Harvest Media and their small business brand essential package.

—Jim I

Industry: Accounting and Finance

Our Role: Branding and Design, Logo Design, Marketing Materials

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