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Discover the Power of Differentiating
Your Business

Give your brand a competitive edge with this step-by-step guide to finding, honing, and delivering your unique value.

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There’s No Substitute for Your Brand, Your Product, or Your Service

So why do so many businesses have trouble standing out from the crowd? Do they feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of competition? Or do they not know how to tell their own story?

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Guide / e-workbook - How to Differentiate Your Business by Harvest Media

Instead of settling for “run-of-the-mill” commodity, what if you could grow your business based on your one-of-a-kind-ness? Positioning your brand as the very best helps boost customer loyalty and attract the right kind of new customers too!

Our Free Guide Has the Answers

No Matter Your Industry or Competition You Can Stand Out

From manufacturing to consulting, small business to franchise — every business can benefit from differentiating (that’s right, including yours!)

Different umbrellas with on standing out from the others
  • Finally articulate what makes your business unique
  • Connect your value to your prospects’ pain points
  • Become your customers’ Go-To company
  • Shed the commodity mindset
  • Conduct competitor research, and more

I’m ready, show me how!

“We have tracked a huge increase in response from prospective customers due to the print material we received from Harvest Media.”

Matthew Schmidt American Restoration Group

What can Differentiating do for my business?

It can impact your flow of leads, your customer retention, and your bottom line.

Benefit of Differentiation Attract the Right Clients

Attract the Right Clients

And avoid the wrong ones who are just price shopping and wasting your time.
Benefit of Differentiation Retain Your Current Customers

Retain Your Current Customers

By confidently showing them how you make their lives better.
Benefit of Differentiation Have Better Sales Conversations

Have Better Sales Conversations

Showcase the features and benefits in a way that connects with prospects.
Benefit of Differentiation Stop Competing on Price

Stop Competing on Price

No one wants to be in the race to the bottom.

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