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5 Key Ways to Position Your Manufacturing Brand to Attract Top Talent

Oct 15, '18

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Attracting young, industry-leading professionals to your manufacturing company has never been more challenging. And, it’s never been more important.

So, how can your brand break the manufacturing stereotype, and convince young people that you’re the best place to work? And, in such a competitive job market, how do you win the top echelon of promising young talent?

Today, top manufacturing companies are finding savvy ways to redefine the manufacturing industry in order to hook young talent. By thoughtfully positioning your manufacturing brand to attract the people you want, you can win great hires that bring invaluable skills, and vibrant energy to your business.

Let’s start with these five critical ways to effectively position your manufacturing brand so that it attracts the best recruits at home - and from around the globe.

Do You Have a Strong Employer Brand?

Ensuring your employer brand appeals to the people you want to hire is critical.

Take a look through your brand choices. Does every single element—from your brochures to your website to the person who answers the phone—convey the world-class experience your employees get? Is your employer brand strong, clear, and attractive to your ideal hires?

Read more about what a brand is and how nurturing a strong brand is critically important for your business.

Do Your Recruitment Materials Reflect Your Company Culture?

A vibrant, attractive company culture is an important deciding factor for prospective employees, especially young, up-and-coming talent.

Showcasing your company culture is a powerful way to secure your employer brand and show that your organization truly puts people first.

Have you created an environment that’s exciting and promising for young recruits? Have you crafted marketing materials that showcase how much fun, and how rewarding it is to work for your brand?

many social media platforms

Is Your Company Active on Social Media?

Make sure your brand has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn through frequent posts, eye-catching visuals, and valuable content.

With young talent enthusiastically looking for career options on the web, social media is a powerful way to engage and win young talent. Does your social media presence represent your employer brand? Does it make young talent eager to work for you?

Do You Have an Employee Pipeline that Attracts Top Talent Early?

It’s important to make sure your recruitment techniques reflect the evolution of the manufacturing industry.

Most high school and college grads aren’t eager to go into the manufacturing business - in large part because of the negative image young people associate with the industry.

Consider setting up shop tours for local high school students, apprenticeship programs, and hands-on workshops that allow young recruits to experience the rewards of working for you - early on.

And, continue to ask yourself, “how is our brand showing young people that manufacturing is an engaging and promising place for them to pursue a career?”

The manufacturing skills gap is a common topic of conversation among our clients and connections. In Schaumburg, Illinois where our agency is located, several organizations are working hard to fill the employee pipeline on a local level. Such as:

Take a look at this video showing how one of these organizations (GCAMP) has created an event to attract students to manufacturing careers.

The Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg has also found a creative way to raise awareness about local manufacturing with their Building STEAM venue.

On a state level, organizations like the IMA are working to make it easier for students to transition into an apprenticeship.

And the FMA is helping manufacturers on a national level to stay competitive.

We would love to hear about what your company is doing to raise awareness about manufacturing careers.

Happy Employees = Great Publicity

Most importantly, you need to listen to your ideal hires, be mindful of what they want from their careers, and ensure your employer brand is conveying those values. Remember though, winning the best talent is just the first step.

Happy employees are one of the most powerful ways to continue building your reputation as a top employer. When your employees are happy - word spreads.

So, get creative, think outside the box, and begin to position your brand as the best in the field. Continue to listen carefully to your ideal hires, showcase your brand, and to prove your worth through your actions.

If you need to effectively position your manufacturing brand, Harvest Media can help! Get in touch with us at 847-352-4345.

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