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Eight Key Ways Business Branding Can Skyrocket Your Success

Paula on Jul 16, '18

Posted in Branding

We’ve all been told to work on our business branding. But, have you ever thought at the back of your mind, “why is business branding so incredibly important?”

It can be confusing to understand just what branding does for your business. And yet, the power of branding cannot be underestimated.

As Harvest Media Creative Director, Mike Moreau Jr. points out,

The quality of your business branding can be the deciding factor that makes or breaks your success.

—Mike Moreau

Here are Some Key Ways Business Branding Can Skyrocket Your Success:

Captures Attention

In an overcrowded sea of competition, getting noticed is the first step in driving sales. Really great business branding will help you stand out, and immediately capture your target buyers’ attention.

Builds Recognition

Familiarity is the first step in generating trust, winning repeat buyers, and of course, becoming a household name. When you have a unified brand image, your colors, logo, slogan, and other branding material will be instantly recognizable.

Makes You Unforgettable

You want your powerful messaging and captivating imaging to be stuck in your buyers’ minds - now and forever. A great business brand won’t just make you recognizable, it will make you unforgettable.

Presents a Consistent & Unified Image

From your storefront or office space to your print marketing, website, social media presence, and customer service style - your brand extends to every area of your business. Great business branding keeps these diverse areas unified and powerful.

Boosts Your Online Identity

You’ll finally stand out in a crowded online marketplace, rank high in keyword searches, and gain click-throughs from your target buyers. Business branding boosts your online identity, so you can get web traffic that increases your profits.

Builds Trust

A professional brand is a powerful factor in building your credibility. Purchasing a product or service from a brand that is clearly defined and well established makes buyers feel confident they can expect a quality experience.

Connects With Target Buyers

Your business fills a unique need for your target customers. Branding helps you speak directly to these buyers; whether you’re targeting hip new moms, angsty teens, or retired investors. Branding helps you tug at their heart strings.

Creates a Sense of Team Direction

You want employees who care deeply about your company and mission; whether it’s selling the world’s best shoes or housing the homeless. Whether your brand is fun-loving, caring, or professional; branding helps your employees identify with your energy, goals, and mission.

Great Branding Launches You Toward Your Goals

Branding your business forces you to answer questions about and clarify what your business stands for, what it looks like, how it sounds, who your target customers are, and even why you do what you do.

As Mike Moreau points out, “even basic business branding goes a long way toward driving sales, retaining customers, increasing profits… and launching you toward your goals.”

Looking for help with your business branding? Need some expert advice or guidance? The friendly team here at Harvest Media is eager to help! Give us a shout at 847-352-4345.

Paula Wiggins

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Paula is our project manager and customer service specialist.

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