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5 Key Profile Enhancements You Need to Make To Your Facebook Page

Mar 26, '19

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When it comes to social media, Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for most businesses to use to capture and generate leads. According to Hootsuite, 68% of Americans use Facebook, 2.23 billion people log into the platform every month, and it’s the 3rd most visited website in the world. So it’s easy to see why businesses would want to be visible on the platform. Yet many small business owners struggle to know how to best use their Facebook profiles as a way to generate leads without investing a ton in Facebook ads right out the gate.

Read on for 5 key ways to optimize your Facebook profile to turn it into a lead-generating machine organically.

Optimize for mobile

Your main objective in creating content for social media is to “stop the scroll.” A majority of users are viewing content on their mobile devices—up to 88% according, to be exact. This means that creating mobile-first content is a near non-negotiable. Think through how you want your content to appear when viewed on a mobile device. Using graphics and videos to engage your audience is key to increasing your post reach, and consider graphics that are consistent and are of good quality.

For more information read our post about creating an engaging visual brand on social media.

Leverage your profile and cover photo space

One of the first things people will see when they visit your Facebook business page is your Facebook cover photo and profile picture, so both of these areas are prime real estate for sending a clear and compelling message to your ideal audience. Especially for your cover photo, use the space in the graphic to add a compelling message with a call-to-action (CTA) to learn more about your business or your offer. Bonus tip: Use the button function at the top of your profile to point to a lead form or your website to make capturing the contact information of your profile visitors easier.

Your profile picture could easily be a version of your logo, or you can feature key players in your business. Either way, this small picture is the most consistent representation of your brand — when you post on other channels or reply to messages or comments as your Facebook business page, people see your profile picture. Make sure that the picture you use is relevant, eye-catching, and helps people identify your brand well.

Make sure to update the caption space of your profile pic and cover photo with a short message from your business and an easy CTA. Pointing your followers to visit your website or a specific lead page in the caption copy of these photos is a quick way to leverage these images in your overall social strategy.

Hone in on your About section

Your About section on your Facebook page, also called the “Our Story” section, is one of the key places where you can tell a succinct story about your brand, who you serve, and what you stand for. People buy from brands that they like, know, and trust. And one of the most direct ways to achieving that Like, Know, Trust factor is by building an emotional connection to your audience. Your About section on your Facebook page offers you a blank slate to do just that—to write your brand story that will resonate with your audience.

Step one in building your brand story is to get clear on your target market. To use storytelling in your brand-building, you must know your audience’s challenges and aspirations—and where your brand fits in the mix. For more information read our post on identifying your target audience and building customer profiles.

Pin posts to your page

Make it easy for your audience to take you up on your latest offer by creating pinned posts to the top of your page. Pinned posts are posts that you’ve created on your profile that you want to remain evergreen at the top of your page. This post could be an announcement about a new promotion or could be a video and copy telling your brand story. Whatever form this post might take, pinned posts are for important content that you want to make sure that your audience gets a chance to see when they land on your profile.

When using pinned posts, make sure that your post content is clear enough that it can be understood where the viewer is interacting with the post right as it’s being published or several months down the line. Also, revisit your pinned posts regularly. Although you can only have one pinned post at a time currently, you want to make sure that the content posted in this prime space on your profile is still relevant. If it’s out of date, replace the pinned post with another piece of content that your audience will find valuable.

Leverage video views

Video is currently one of the most powerful media types to use on Facebook. Facebook prioritizes native video in your follower’s newsfeeds because there’s a push by Facebook owners to make video the primary medium on the platform within the next few years. So, Facebook allows for video content to get a larger reach and opportunity for engagement than other types of posts you create.

This is especially true for Facebook live. When you create a live video on Facebook, not only do you have the benefit of video reach, your followers will get notified that your business is live directly in their notifications panel. Additionally, through 3rd-party live streaming tools, you can also schedule your live videos, allowing your followers to opt-in to notifications and reminders about your planned video.

Feeling a little nervous about live video? Consider platforms like OneStream that allow you to live stream pre-recorded video to your audience. This allows you the comfort of knowing you can record a video that feels polished and produced, while also getting the benefits of live video such as automatic notifications to your audience.

Facebook, while powerful, is an ever-changing platform, and it’s difficult for marketers and non-marketers alike to keep up with the latest trends. However, when it comes to optimizing your Facebook business page to attract leads, these small tweaks can help streamline your sales process with minimal effort.

Need help with optimizing your social channels with a cohesive brand strategy? Give us a call at 847-352-4345. Our friendly experts are eager to help you create a brand that attracts your target audience online and off.

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