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Direct Mail Postcard and Email Marketing for the The Lint King

The Harvest Media team had the pleasure of working with Paul Meyers, owner of The Lint King in Schaumburg to produce a targeted direct mail and email marketing piece.

Postcard design for dryer vent cleaning company

Background and Purpose

Paul was seeking to attract more commercial clients to add to The Lint King's residential dryer vent cleaning services. He also wanted help selecting what marketing message would be the most effective in reaching new prospects.

Researching the Brand and Target Audience

The Lint King's brand is bright, bold, down-to-earth, and friendly. Paul likes to use humor to engage with his customers. He is relationship focused, and he adds value to customers by educating them about dryer safety and energy efficiency.

front and back of direct mail postcard design

Choosing the Right Message

The Harvest Media team developed a key marketing message and wrote original copy for the piece. To accomplish this, we focused on the most relevant pain points of the target audience:

Every person (and every business) wants to feel safe, healthy, happy, and strong. Showing empathy with these common pain points makes a very effective connection, and positions your brand as an understanding authority.

Then to take the messaging further, we present the reader with a plan to solve their pain. The answer in this context is that they can save money by improving their dryer's efficiency, or they can be safer by getting their dryer vent cleaned regularly.

After all, no one wants the stress of knowing that they have a dirty, inefficient dryer vent! And no one wants the the stress of doing the dirty work themselves. Now customers can relieve their stress by having The Lint King do the dirty work.

Every person (and every business) wants to feel safe, healthy, happy, and strong. Showing empathy with these common pain points makes a very effective connection and positions your brand as an understanding authority.

Folded postcard design for dryer vent cleaning company, with inside open

The Design

Out team went to work distilling the most relevant information into a convenient postcard-size format, and we used bold shapes and colors to create a unique design that fit the mood and style of The Lint King's brand.

We used photos of a dirty dryer vent to exaggerate the stress and show the need for efficiency. And we used icons and gauges to communicate complex information with fewer words. The graphics are neat, tidy, and organized in contrast to the messiness of the dryer vent. The fonts are conversational and friendly while still being easy to read.

The final product is a flexible, strong marketing tool that will differentiate The Lint King from it's competitors and help them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

And to maximize the reach and value of their marketing investment, we provided a digital version that can be used either in email marking or for an in-person presentation.

Bonus — Other Concepts Explored

Postcard cover design for dryer vent cleaning company

Here's a little more insight into the creative process—knowing that humor is an element of The Lint King's brand, we explored some options that would be lighthearted. Specifically, this graphic was targeted for hair salons and pet groomers.

Ultimately, the final version was more general in order to appeal to a broader audience, but it was a fun exploration that may be used in the future!

… I have a great appreciation for the creative marketing at Harvest Media. I recommend them to companies who need to build their brand.

—Paul Meyers

Our Role: Marketing Collateral, Email Marketing, Sell Sheets, Direct Mail, Advertising Design, Content Creation

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