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Digital Marketing and Lead Generation for Terri Lynn Fundraising

Creating and sharing Premium Content has become the de-facto way to attract new business customers and pique their interest in your company's services and products.

This proven technique has some major benefits:

High-interest Premium Content establishes you and/or your company as an authority in your industry. In other words, you can build both your business and your reputation—simultaneously.

How We Engaged this Process with Terri Lynn Fundraising

To build an effective new customer pipeline we followed a step by step process. (See our blog post on lead generation for details on the steps).

Creating the Premium Content

Our first step was to work with the experts at Terri Lynn Fundraising to discover the perfect topic that would attract new customers to their core services and product offerings. As you may know, Terri Lynn makes high-quality, delicious chocolates, nuts, and natural snacks. But the essence of their business (as their full-name suggests) is supporting fundraising organizations by offering all-in-one tools and programs to sell those snacks and raise money.

They offer three different time & money saving programs:

  1. A Quick Start Program, where sellers buy the snacks and distribute them on their own.
  2. An Order-Taking Program, where sellers use forms to take orders and Terri Lynn delivers the purchased products to the buyers.
  3. And (best of all) a Webstore Program, which enables online fundraising 24/7 with direct shipping to supporters.

With these fundraiser offerings in place, we agreed that the best knowledge Terri Lynn had to share with their customers was the insight they had developed about the fundraising process itself. (With over 80 years of experience in the fundraising space, Terri Lynn had a wealth of valuable knowledge to offer.)

We set out to create an eBook that no fundraiser would want to do without: "Seven Steps To Your Best Fundraiser Ever."

We also created some compelling design assets to give it that irresistible eBook look and feel. Once we had packaged their insight into a tidy, sharp-looking eBook format, we built out a multi-step email automation (drip campaign) for customers who want to download their own copy.

The email automation customer journey highlights the products, the programs, testimonials, and sample offers in a fine-tuned order and frequency.

Building Out the Email Campaign

This campaign automation included a landing page, a confirmation email, and a thank you follow-up for downloading the eBook. Respondents can also opt in to receiving Terri Lynn’s future blog-posts which expand on the fundraising tips established in the eBook.

The goal was to make a strong connection that associates the name Terri Lynn with fundraising, and drive customers to try one (or all) of Terri Lynn’s three main programs.

Getting the Word Out

Collaborating with the marketing team at Terri Lynn, we created social posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the eBook offer.

We also used a combination of distribution tactics to bring the offer in front of more prospects, including:

The combined result grabs a lot of attention!

Tracking the Results and Watching the Leads Flow In

...and finally, everyone's favorite part of the process—watching the email list grow and hearing the phone ring with new inbound prospects.

How to Put this Tactic to Work for Your Business

If you want to get a lead generation process in place for your company, give us a call or send us an email. Our team would love to share ideas about super-clever, impossible-to-resist ideas for your business’s eBook.

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