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What is a Website Discovery?

Sarah on Aug 22, '18

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At Harvest Media, we kick off every website project with a Discovery session. That’s right, every project. Why? Because we want to make sure our clients get the best results for their investment. We take a deep dive into learning about your unique business goals, sales objectives, marketing strategies, and target market. We get to know you, and you get to know us. There’s no guesswork involved, and we don’t rush proposals to win new clients.

With all Harvest website design or redesign projects, our team starts with the Discovery phase to uncover new ideas and goals. We work together to create a shared understanding of what website success looks like specifically for you.

What is a Website Discovery?

A Website Discovery is a diagnostic for your business.

Essentially, we work together to establish the reason for your project. Our tried-and-true Discovery process maps out the necessary requirements to treat your pain points and challenges, and ensures all parties understand the scope, implementation, timeline and goals. A Discovery is also a fact-finding process that can unearth potential unknowns in a project, so that everyone dives in with eyes wide open. Together, we may uncover something hidden that either helps or challenges our efforts, and we want to be transparent about the scope of each, individual project. We often tell our clients that it’s more important in this phase to uncover new questions that need to be answered, than to answer the questions we already know about.

Why We Do Website Discoveries

Website Discoveries help our clients stay on budget by setting clear expectations around timelines, costs, website functionality, and requirements. The Discovery process allows our Harvest team to accurately identify the best possible solutions for your business, and helps you get complete clarity on your goals for your website. No surprises, no creeping costs.

Benefits for both parties (clients and our Harvest team) include:

Throughout the process, we always keep the following objectives in mind: transparency, accuracy and clarity. Are all expectations clearly defined? Is everyone on the same page? Have we left anything else on the table?

How a Website Discovery Works

Step 1: Discovery Questionnaire

We start by sending a Discovery Questionnaire to get clarity on your business’s strategic direction. The more questions you can answer up-front, the deeper we’ll be able to dive during our in-person session. We think of it as the start of our homework. We’ll piece together your brand objectives, goals, current strategies, successes and challenges based on your answers, and then come up with an educated starting point for your eventual Website Roadmap.

Step 2: On-Site Discovery Session

Next, we will schedule an on-site Discovery Meeting to learn as much as we can about the objectives for your website, and the functions that you need it to perform. We’ll cover the answers for your Questionnaire, dive deeper into some of your answers, and make sure nothing is lost in written translation.

Example questions we’ll ask during the Discovery Session:

We also take this time to build relationships with our clients, get to know one another, and make sure we’re a good fit. Think of us as your strategic partners. We want to interact and engage with your team, and get everyone’s ideas on the table. We’ll brainstorm, ask a lot of “why’s,” and together craft a way for your business’s unique story to be told through your website.

Lastly, we understand that putting your company’s website design in our hands requires trust above all else, so we make ourselves available to answer all your questions face-to-face.

Step 3: Website Roadmap

We then take the information we’ve gathered and create a comprehensive Website Roadmap for your business. This Roadmap includes detailed requirements of your design, a plan of action, a timeline, and a budget to bring your goals to fruition. We lay out a detailed, comprehensive strategy to ensure our game plan and design meet your expectations for success.

Ideally, an in-depth Website Discovery drafts the blueprint to the entire project. Together, we can confidently define real pain points with your current website design and strategy, and develop clear action items to deliver a better experience for both you and your customers.

Schedule a Website Discovery with Harvest Media

If you’re ready to get your website growing, our Harvest team is here to create a highly-personalized project plan that help you increase your sales, get more leads, and strengthen your business brand. Contact us via email, or call us at 847-352-4345 to get started!

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