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How SEO Works to Improve Your Business Visibility

Sarah on Jul 30, '20

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Beautiful websites don't get found automatically. Your small business might have a stellar, on-brand site that looks flawless, but if your prospects aren't finding it when they search for you, then your website isn't reaching its full potential.

You need your website to take center stage so that you can reach more customers online. SEO is one way to do that.

5.6 Billion searches every day

SEO is a multi-pronged tactic to increase your online visibility and improve your ranking on search engines (Google in particular).

How SEO Works

Good SEO seeks to establish two things, Relevance and Trust. These are two major criteria Google is looking for to get your website to the top:

  1. Relevance - onsite optimization ensures your pages are rich with strategic pictures, words, titles and keywords.
  2. Trust - offsite link portfolio development uses outside proof of your authority and establishes credibility.

Getting Started with SEO

Keyword Research is a critical first step to the success of an SEO campaign. In order to find the best possible keywords for your business, we look at the following:

During our onboarding process we discuss goals and make sure our expectations are in alignment with yours. We will review recommended keywords, discuss website optimization opportunities, and determine how we will measure success.

Tracking and Transparency

Throughout the SEO campaign it’s important to track progress and results. That’s where our Reporting Dashboard comes in. The dashboard is updated every 24 hours, and best rankings are pulled for the past 7 days.

With this simple tool you can view important data at a glance, such as: work history that’s been reported each month.

In addition to our Reporting Dashboard, Google Analytics installed on your website helps you track and monitor web traffic and activity. This will show you information about the number of visitors on your site, their origin, and where they’re spending the most time on your site.

Communication is Key

Throughout your SEO campaign we schedule monthly checkups to discuss ranking for keywords, what’s upcoming, tasks in the next billing cycle and other items such as blog content and publishing so that you stay informed and know what to expect.

Maintaining Online Visibility in the Long Run

SEO isn't a one and done, but patience and consistency pay off! Most companies who pursue SEO tactics can expect to see ranking improvement in the first 2-4 months, and 86% will reach the first page of Google by 6 months. Once you've achieved this success it's important to continue maintaining SEO tactics in order to keep your first page status and guarantee your visibility online.

If you are frustrated with the lack of search traffic coming to your website, lets talk! The friendly team at Harvest Media would love to help you improve your ranking so that you can establish your online presence to reach more customers and grow your business. Send us your questions, or call us at 1-847-352-4345.

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Sarah Moreau

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Sarah is Director of Marketing at Harvest Media. She loves working with business owners and key decision makers who have a vision for the future and want to take their marketing strategy and business growth to the next level.

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