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5 Tips For improving Your Web Design

Mike Jr (MJ) on Dec 30, '19

Posted in Web

You only have five seconds to make a good impression on your website visitor. Having an easy way to navigate your website can vastly improve your visitor's experience. Your visitor needs to understand exactly what you do and how you can specifically help them. If your website has a high bounce rate, that’s a signal that your website is in definite need of work in improving user experience. Here are five tips for improving your web design.

Make a Web Design Plan

You need to have a plan in place on how a visitor will move from checking out your website to becoming a customer. To do that, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What pages do you want them to view and what content do you want them to read? Think about your website as a sales funnel. If they come to a particular page of your website, what step do you want them to take next?

Every page on your website needs to be optimized to guide your visitor to where you want them to go next. You need to be able to keep them engaged so they don’t wander off elsewhere. Research your potential customers and take what you’ve learned to map out a branding strategy.

Make Navigation Simple and Easy

Nothing turns off a visitor more than a website that is confusing to navigate. Think about what your customer is looking for the most from you and make these readily available on your navbar. Your navbar should include an About Us tab to tell visitors who you are and what you do. You should also have a contact tab with your phone and address information as well as a form where they can write to you with any questions or concerns. Streamline your content by providing them simple navigation tabs that tell a customer what they can expect like blog content, podcasts, and company news.

Create Attractive Offerings

You can turn a visitor into a loyal customer by creating attractive offerings that your potential customers find helpful in meeting their needs. At least 84% of people expect created content from brands and often look for free offerings to help them decide what to buy. These marketing offerings could be anything from a free ebook to an online tool or product demonstration. Offering these resources will help convince visitors that you a trusted authority and can provide tremendous benefit and value in their lives.

Include Calls To Action

A great way to guide your visitor along with your website design is by implementing calls to action throughout your website. Everywhere your customer lands on your website should have something that gives them a next step to take. Some examples of calls to action that you can include are invitations to download a free PDF, telling them to watch a video, or clicking a button to get more information.

Include Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons can be a great resource for product marketing lead generation directly from website visitors. By enabling these buttons on your content, you can increase your social media traffic as visitors share the content on various platforms. There are many free tools you can find online that will help you install these buttons on your website.

Web design is critical for turning visitors into long term customers. Keep it simple and guide your visitors along a journey that helps you get to know and like each other more. Give your customers what they want and there's an excellent chance they’ll be coming back for more for years to come.

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Mike Moreau Jr

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Mike Jr (MJ)

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